North Point — Hong Kong

The entire design is almost completely open; eliminating solid walls to achieve an airy and open floor plan. Upon entering the automatic curved door, the centre is where employees can work, meet and welcome guest. With an aim to create a flexible open environment, these multi-purpose areas offers variety of seating; allowing employees to converse and relax while viewing the city’s breathtaking views. The trading rooms have the flexibility to turn into four separate rooms or function as one open room. And, the open conference room can turn into semi-private space us- ing the bi-folding door hidden behind the cabinet. The rest of the office is made up of low-level workstations with only one private meeting room

Material application
The interior looks expansive with the continuous use of materials, such as concrete LVT flooring, wood plastic laminates and black powder coated finishing. The neutral interior is counter balanced with bright color furnishings and clean white workstations to give the office a cool and vibrant young vibe. Once through the door, one is greeted by a large feature wall and accentuated flooring – extending the character of the building. ‘Bold’ meets ‘corporate’, is the underlying characteristics of the space

Location: North Point, HKYear Started: 2015Year Completed: 2016Style: Eclectic mix of industrial, mid-century modern and retro elementsColor concept: White, browns, turquoise, yellow, black and graySize: 8000 sq ftClient: Private trading company